NOTE: these profiles are of the characters at the current point in the story. As the story progresses, the profiles will change to match, so be sure to keep checking back!

Amverly Marie Bea-Intire

Age: 17
Rank: Cadet
Station: F.A.I.D. Training Facility (Galaxy 01)
Division: Intelligence / Officer Program

Selected at a young age for the Officer Program, Amverly has since floundered in and out of various training stations, and has finally made it to her final courses. She is intelligent, but, much to the concern of her friends, chooses to sleep through class and give no visible effort towards her work. With final evaluations approaching, it's hard to tell where she will end up.... after all, in the military, performance trumps potential.

Jonas Avant-Soleil

Age: 18
Rank: Cadet Senior
Station: F.A.I.D. Training Facility (Galaxy 01)
Division: Fleet / Officer Advancement Program

Jonas is a soldier. He finds every opportunity for advancement and takes it. Innovative and perceptive, he enjoys his work, and is more than willing to prove himself. On the top of his recruitment class, Jonas has quickly grown through ranks and impressed many important people, giving him an advantage over his other classmates. The only thing that bothers him is the complete lack of effort that his friend and recruitment partner, Bea, continuously shows. Baffled by her behavior, Jonas has taken it upon himself to convince her to succeed. Somehow.